For the uninitiated, VidAngel helps families enjoy a variety of movies and television shows by eliminating questionable content. The service allows customers to choose what they want to see or hear when watching a film. VidAngel’s slogan is, “Watch movies however the bleep you want”.

It’s a pretty smart service. But what I really love is the marketing.

They have a straightforward value proposition: enjoy movies while removing the content – i.e. language, nudity, and violence – that can have a negative impact on your family.

The challenge for the team at VidAngel is how do they convey their value proposition without resorting to scare tactics or seeming prudish.

Enter this amazing advertisement, which became a viral video. Take a moment to watch it and then let’s discuss.

Here’s why this ad works so well:

  1. It shows the impact that mature content can have on the viewers in a super playful and upbeat way. There are no scare tactics, no guilt trips.
  2. They visually tell the story through a metaphor. Rather than citing research or data, they use being peppered by paint balls as a metaphor for being bombarded by mature content and how it has a lasting effect.
  3. And most importantly, VidAngel’s value proposition is very clear. They have one simple message and they hammer it home without ambiguity.

The other thing that I love is that this video shows that a small business without a big budget can create amazing videos. You just need to have a clear value proposition and then find a good, local agency that can help bring that to life.

If you’re a small business owner, don’t feel like good marketing is only for the big guys. Let VidAngel be your inspiration and create something awesome!