Earlier this year, Old Spice released a new frontman, Neal Bledsoe, and commercial, Danger Zone, outside of the United States. I have a problem with the new series. I think it betrays the success of Isaiah Mustafa.

The commercial depicts Neal being torn to pieces. The message is that no matter what, you’ll at least smell good. The first problem is that Isaiah is indestructible and Neal is very destructible. He isn’t as manly and appealing.

Here are some comments about the commercial on Youtube:

“Isaiah would have turned all those dangers into diamonds.”

“I don’t care who the hell he is. I just wanted to know what the f*** he’s doing in my favourite commercials.”

“F*** that I will never buy old spice again: YOUR D*** WILL GET EATEN BY PIRANHAS”

Sorry for the expletives, but you see my point.

The second, and larger problem, is that the Danger Zone’s messaging is generic and bland. Isaiah directly addressed the male demographic by making us feel bad for using our wive’s flowery body wash instead of a man’s body wash.

Isaiah focused on a common issue that no one else had really hit. However, the Danger Zone’s message of “you’ll always smell good” is the mantra of every deodorant, lotion, cologne, perfume, soap and body wash. Nothing original, just special effects.

And unless you are Avatar, then you need more than special effects to be successful.

Watch the new Old Spice video and then let me know in the comments below if you agree or disagree.